Funky Mask

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Funky face mask handmade by EKZO. The masks are pleated in order to fit the contour of your face. Made with African wax fabric on the outside and cotton muslin on the inside for better comfort. Inside pocket for option to add extra layer such as paper towel or coffee filter.

- 100% Cotton fabric
- Machine washable
- 1/4 black elastic
- Authentic African wax fabric
- Many funky styles (Style and pattern subject to availability)
- Two sizes to choose from. All sizes fit most.

Please be mindful with quantities as there are limited supplies and these take some time to make. Feel free to spread the word to the ones you know that need them the most.

*These masks are not FDA approved and are not rated for use in hospitals or care facilities. Please use caution and wash hands prior to taking mask off and on.


Help eliminate the widespread use of synthetics and other harmful materials found in the manufacturing of clothing and accessories. EKZO products are all made from 100% natural fibers resulting in a better quality product that is much healthier for our planet. Shop smart, support small, and know that you have the power to make a difference with every purchase!

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