Indoor/Outdoor Blanket - Pebble

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Beautifully handwoven blankets made from 100% cotton. Perfectly weighted to moderate your temperature whether it's hot or cold.  These blankets elegantly compliment an indoor space with their neutral colors and herringbone weave.  However don’t be fooled, bring these along on your next picnic, hike, or other adventure because they’re machine washable making them great for outdoors too!

≈ 100% Cotton
≈ Herringbone weave and motifs
≈ Hand twisted tassels
≈ Hand sewn patch
≈ Measurements 60” x 60” / 160cm x 160cm
≈ Suitable for indoor and outdoors
≈ Machine washable


Help eliminate the widespread use of synthetics and other harmful materials found in the manufacturing of clothing and accessories. EKZO products are all made from 100% natural fibers resulting in a better quality product that is much healthier for our planet. Shop smart, support small, and know that you have the power to make a difference with every purchase!

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