Colorful beach towels stacked in front of pink, green, and gold accent wall

Beach Towels vs. Regular Towels

Why bring a bath towel to the beach when you have the option of an EKZO beach towel?  Our towels have numerous benefits over your standard bath towel and below we have highlighted some of the most notable:

-EKZO Beach Towels are handwoven from 100% cotton making them softer, more durable, and more sustainable in their production. 

Closeup of handwoven tassels and motif on black and gray towel

-EKZO Beach Towels are 3x6 feet, but can fold to fit in the palm of your hand. They're lightweight, perfect for travel, and are quick to dry.

Women in yellow shirt holding blue towel with tassels in her hand

-EKZO Beach Towels are extremely versatile and double as great fashion accessories and home decor!

Striped towel hanging on bamboo rack with green plants and wall decor

-EKZO Beach Towels solve the problem that most have when they bring bath towels to the beach. How do you get the sand out? With us it's easy, one shake and boom, you've got a clean towel ready to pack in the car or bring back in the home.

Man with EKZO shirt and hat shaking brown striped towel on the beach

Before you load your bags with huge bulky towels on your next trip to the beach, consider choosing a better quality, more suitable, and more sustainable option, we guarantee you wont be disappointed!

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