Deal of the Day coming to EKZO?!

Deal of the Day coming to EKZO?!

As you know, we have been busy.  OK really busy!  But that's a good thing when you're creating awesome new ways for your customers to save on future EKZO purchases!

That's right, we are very excited to officially announce our new "Deal of the Day" program!  Beginning on Tuesday September 1st, each week we will be highlighting one specific product from our catalog to flash sale for 24 hours!  Yup, each and every Tuesday will be another opportunity to get one of your favorite EKZO products on sale!  

The product on sale will be announced at 9:30am EST and the sale will also go live on our website at that time. We will feature each new sale on the "24h Sale" highlight button on our Instagram homepage.  To access the deal simply swipe up on the post each week, or click the link provided in our bio.  

So there you have it!  It's that quick and easy to start saving on all of your favorite EKZO gear.  Just be sure to check our page every Tuesday, heck I would even set an alarm!  Some sweet products coming your way at some even sweeter prices each and every week!

As always, don't forget to #livekzotic!

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