Favorite music finds of the week!

Favorite music finds of the week!

Wow, time flies when you're making masks!  We have been making funky face masks non stop for a week and love all the positive feedback.  Our initial goal of 100 was surpassed within 24 hours and we are on track to fulfill over 300 masks ordered!  It has been a challenge, but also rewarding.  We have learned new skills, improved old skills, and sent free face masks to every part of the country.

One of our biggest challenges has been keeping ourselves and our minds occupied while continuing to do the same tedious work for countless hours.  Our solution has been music, and its been awesome to discover plenty of great tunes this week.  

Below are our top 3 new music finds of the week:

1. Jiro Inagaki 

2. Nucleus

3. Hiromasi Suzuki

These guys all have multiple albums that you can set and forget!  Great background tunes, work tunes, party tunes, you name it.  Give them a listen and let us know what you think!



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