(Over the) Hump Day Highlights - EKZO FACE MASKS!

(Over the) Hump Day Highlights - EKZO FACE MASKS!

This picture is a perfect representation of how we currently feel!  We are in awe of the response we have received so far about our funky face masks!  When we decided to make face masks, our main goal was to provide a mask to everyone that needs one.  Rather than profiting, we decided it's more important people are safe and we work together in beating this virus, so we made our masks FREE!

So back to the picture.  This was our first reaction when we saw orders starting to come in immediately after posting them on our website.  First 10, then 20, and 24 hours later we have over 100 orders.  Remind you, this is in 24 hours.  How many will we have in a week?  Month?  Who knows, but we love it!

We have basically put everything on hold, minus fulfilling regular orders, and have transitioned our home into a sewing factory!  These masks are labor intensive and we are making sure the quality and craftsmanship represent our brand and products.  We haven't gotten sick of making them yet, and even if we do we will continue to make them until they are no longer being ordered!

We appreciate those that have ordered so far, and encourage you to spread the word to anyone who may be interested or in need of a face mask.

Stay safe and keep watching our social media pages as we will be posting great videos about our mask making process. Fbook: EKZO.  IG: ekzo.co


***Please be mindful of the insane volume we are receiving.  We are doing our best to get all orders out in a timely manner and promise you will receive your masks as quickly as possible!  


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