Part 2 - The History of African Wax Fabric Runs Deep in EKZO's Roots!

Part 2 - The History of African Wax Fabric Runs Deep in EKZO's Roots!

Last week our article focused on the history of African Wax Fabrics and the increase in their use and global popularity over the years.  This week we will continue the topic, but instead focus on the history of these fabrics deep within EKZO's roots. 

As you may know, Alizee Hazan is the founder and lead designer of EKZO.  What you may not know is that her lineage is about as diverse as the unique motifs and colors found on wax fabrics!  Originally from Greece, her grandparents were exiled due to their Jewish descent and ended up finding a strong Jewish community in the African country of Congo.  Here, they found a better life with less prejudice and were able to build a foundation for their new life.  Alizee's grandfather began a career in the textile industry, and after many years of hard work and dedication, he was able to open his own textile business specializing in authentic African Wax Fabric. 

Over the years, he was able to scale his business and eventually became one of the largest African Wax Fabric suppliers in the Congo.  Although this may seem to be a great accomplishment, the values and moral he exemplified during these trying times is what really stands out.  As cultural and racial tensions came to an all time high, Alizee's grandfather was able to personally overcome these social boundaries and became the first textile supplier to not discriminate based on race.  The previous system allotted for white people to purchase from one supplier and black people to purchase from another.  Alizee's grandfather took it upon himself to see through this cultural disparity and was able to supply people of any color with his re-known wax fabrics.

Fast forward to today, EKZO still possesses many of his original African Wax Fabrics from this time.  In fact, if you look at many of our products you will notice the subtle use of these wax fabrics.  We also used these original wax fabrics to make over 500 masks for people during this pandemic, something we are very proud of!  And without being able to say too much, I will mention that in the coming weeks you may (wink wink) see a new collection of EKZO products featuring some of our favorite African Wax Fabrics!

All in all, it is safe to say that not only do we love wax fabrics for their beautiful motifs, vibrance and uniqueness, but we love them because of the personal difference they have made in our lives and the lives of many others all over the world!

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