Some Hump Day Inspiration

Some Hump Day Inspiration

Summer? Already?!?!  Crazy right, quarantine or no quarantine, time seems to be flying these days!  On the heels of a global quarantine and social distancing, there is no question this summer will be a bit different than most.  Will places be open to travel?  Will cities re-open their restaurants, parks and beaches? 

The answer to these questions will be dependent on location as we slowly scratch our way back to what once was "normal".  Unfortunately, I don't think that we will be back to normal for a long time, but luckily there is a silver lining to all of this and I want to bring that to your attention. 

Simply put, I believe that everyone can use this time to better themselves.  Learning a new hobby, reading more, getting in shape, and  many other goals that often seem unattainable are now closer than you realize!  Yes, we all have to continue working, and many of us much more now that working environments have and will continue to change.  But now more than ever, we have the ability to set aside some time for nothing but US!

How great would it be if we all came out of this scenario smarter, healthier, funnier, better or wiser.  How would that impact our daily lives once things get back to "normal".  Everyone has obstacles in their way, but let's take advantage of this opportunity to better ourselves so we can ultimately better our world! 


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