Some Positive News Articles to Keep You Inspired

Some Positive News Articles to Keep You Inspired

For the last four months, the entire world has experienced a significant and unprecedented level of awareness surrounding one individual topic: Covid-19.  Because of this, we have been inundated with information, stories, opinions, rumors and facts all pertaining to this single topic.  And although we do feel it is important to be mindful of what's happening pertaining to Covid, we also believe that every once in a while it would be nice to hear about something different.  Even prior to Covid, the news and media generally report on negative and often alarming topics. Absorbing this constantly can sometimes drive you crazy, well at least it does to me from time to time! 

For this reason, I wanted to share three awesome headlines and short excerpts from these articles that portray something positive going on in the world today.  I will also link to the full article for your reading pleasure if so desired.  Enjoy!!

1. Coronavirus: why the lockdown could lead to improvements in wildlife conservation.  

               “We may discover that relatively minor changes to our lifestyles and transport networks can potentially have significant benefits for both ecosystems and humans,”


2. Dutch parliament votes to end mink farming following Covid-19 outbreak

                "The Netherlands is not the only country making moves to reduce the trade in animals in the wake of coronavirus. China, where the outbreak began, has since banned the consumption of all wildlife..."


3. To Eliminate Plastic, College Grad Designs Ramen Packaging That Dissolves in Hot Water

               "Not only is Grounds’s invention more environmentally friendly than consumer packaging, it also takes less time to cook and prepare because it eliminates the need to tear open the different plastic sleeves."


Sometimes it takes stories like these to rejuvenate the mind and help persevere through seemingly tough times.  One thing is for certain, there will never be a lack of good people out there doing good things for this world whether they get notoriety or not.  Let's do our best to acknowledge and appreciate these actions and all work towards a better world.  


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