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About EKZO
About EKZO

Our Story

EKZO is inspired from the natural beauty found throughout remote beaches and exotic locations worldwide. These locations bring a sense of comfort, relaxation, and pleasure to those lucky enough to find them. It’s EKZO’s mission to encompass these core elements into a unique and all-natural clothing line.

EKZO is a clothing and accessories company based in San Diego, California. EKZO operates under the belief that there is room to improve the current clothing provided in the surf and beach lifestyle markets, both in quality and price. We ONLY use 100% natural fibers in ALL of our products, offering consumers a premium product that is fit for all aspects of their day to day life. We maintain a personal approach to all aspects of operation, and pride ourselves in providing the most comfortable, affordable, and high quality products for those seeking to live and feel ekzotic!

What does “Ekzo” mean?

EKZO comes from the word exotic—originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country. Beauty is everywhere and in every culture worldwide. EKZO represents this beauty in every culture, as our mission and concepts appeal to a diverse audience on a global scale. Combining exotic design with contrasted colors, EKZO creates completely comfortable and unique products for all!

Illustration of Simplicity


EKZO clothing is created to accentuate the beach culture and lifestyle we all adore. Based upon the “less is more” principle, our clothing heavily focuses on the quality of fabric and design. We emphasize versatility in our production, and strive to include designs and colors that will be suitable for any occasion.

Illustration of Sustainability


EKZO goes beyond the traditional methods of sourcing fabric. Instead of sourcing by quality and/or cost alone, we look for suppliers that make a positive influence in their employee’s lives and local communities. We strongly believe in helping those in need, and we will continue to do our part to ensure the health and well-being of all involved in the manufacturing of our products.

Illustration of Quality


EKZO takes quality very seriously. We bring only the best fabrics to our pieces to ensure maximum comfort, style, and longevity. We will never use spandex, polyester, or any other synthetic material as we feel these degrade the breathability and comfort, and their production can be harmful to the environment. All EKZO products are made from 100% natural fabrics.

Alizée Hazan

Alizée is CEO and Lead Designer of EKZO. Originally from Brussels Belgium, Alizée now permanently resides in San Diego, California. When she's not working, you can spot Alizée out in the lineup, skating through the streets of Ocean Beach, or spending time with her friends and dog at the beach.

By bringing inspiration from many exotic places around the world, Alizée has created a unique brand dedicated to quality and comfort with an exotic twist. "The finer details are what we do best. We source 100% natural fibers and prefer quality over quantity. We want our customers to have the best possible product, and that's what we strive to create."

Picture of Alizee Hazan