what is "ekzo"

EKZO comes from the word Exotic - " Originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country. "

We specialize in creating unique, comfortable, and premium quality products all from 100% natural fibers.  Our clothing and accessories are inspired by the sheer beauty of the many coastlines found around the world and embrace the lifestyle that accompanies them.  We encourage you to adventure and explore while wearing our products. They are durable, comfortable and made to be worn “Anytime EveryWEAR”.

Our attention to detail when sourcing textiles is what truly makes the difference.  We find textiles from all over the world and currently have products made in Japan, Tunisia, Kenya, Nepal and other exotic locations both near and far.

In addition to our sustainability initiatives, we also look to make an impact in the local communities of which we find our fabrics.  We always choose small local suppliers over large manufacturers, we hold bi-annual sales that donate proceeds to the underprivileged, and we take pride in knowing that our efforts continue to make a positive impact for those in need.

our mission

To eliminate the widespread use of synthetics and other harmful materials found in the manufacturing of clothing and accessories. EKZO products are all made from 100% natural fibers resulting in a better quality product that is much healthier for our planet.


EKZO clothing is designed with everyday use in mind. We create clothing that is suitable from the beach to business, and everywhere in between. Our designs are original, unique, and are influenced by different exotic cultures throughout the world. We combine simplistic design with an exotic touch to create the perfect blend of elegance and fun.


We hand select 100% natural fibers from around the world to design clothing and accessories made to the highest standards of comfort and quality. EKZO’s mission is to inspire people to choose natural over synthetic by offering consumers a better quality product that is not harmful to the environment. The 100% natural fibers most commonly used in our products are linen, cotton, cashmere, hemp and wool.


EKZO takes quality very seriously. We bring only the best fabrics to every piece ensuring maximum comfort, style, and longevity. We will never use spandex, polyester, or any other synthetic material as we feel these degrade the breathability and comfort, and their production can be harmful to the environment.

- behind the brand -

Alizee Accomando was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium before moving to San Diego, CA in 2010. At an early age she fell in love with all forms of artistic expression, and her pursuit of relentless creativity has led her to receive a BA in Fashion Design alongside her Masters in Graphic Design. Alizée's motivation to create a positive impact in the world through her business runs in the family. In the early 1950’s, her grandfather was the first textile supplier in The Congo to sell to people of any race or color.

Alizee’s lineage is very exotic tracing back from the Congo to Egypt, Greece and Turkey. This diversity has led to a life inspired by travel and a true appreciation of experiencing different cultures. Alizee draws inspiration from these experiences and incorporates that inspiration directly into the aesthetic and design elements of EKZO.